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Maureen Strusky was raised in Lee, Massachusetts and attended Lee High School. After graduation, she headed to WestField State University to pursue a degree in Special/Elementry Education. Upon graduation, Maureen taught special education at a residential school where she helped young adults with basic life skills. Not long after, she headed to Newington, Connecticut where she became the Sales Promotion Director for a large scale department store.

After years of hard work, Maureen decided to add motherhood to her list of accomplishments, giving birth to three children. When she was not busy with soccer practice, carpooling and cooking dinner, she continued helping others through various community service efforts. Maureen joined Provence Messervy with eight years of paralegal experience focusing primarily on Estate Planning and Probate.

Maureen and her husband are residents of Summerville. She enjoys reading, any form of physical activity, and the beach.

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