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Alternative Dispute Resolution for Civil & Probate Cases

Legal disputes do not always need to lead to the courtroom for a conclusion. With PMC Law Firm and our team of certified mediators, you can explore mediation as an alternative dispute resolution that is generally easier for everyone. We offer our mediation services for civil, and probate cases alike.

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What Are the Benefits of Mediation?

Using mediation to conclude a probate, or civil claims is becoming increasingly popular – and for good reason. Mediation offers a number of benefits you cannot enjoy by using other methods like litigation.

Please consider these benefits to mediation:


No one likes having their personal business shown to the world, but that is exactly what happens if a legal case goes to litigation. Within mediation, though, all discussions are kept strictly confidential if preferred. Your mediator can draft a confidentiality agreement that requires everything covered in mediation to be kept under metaphorical lock-and-key.


Judges and juries act using their own discretion. You could have the most skilled attorney in the world representing your case, but they still cannot control the outcome 100% of the time.

If you do not want the whims and opinions of a judge or jury deciding your probate, or civil case, then remove them from the equation entirely with the use of mediation. As long as you and the opposition are willing to cooperate accordingly, mediation can conclude your case without courtroom intervention.


Speaking of cooperation, mediation focuses on the use of collaboration to resolve your legal dispute. The mediator assigned to your case does not take sides or insist on one conclusion or another.

Instead, they answer legal questions, keep mediation procedures moving, and encourage collaboration to find a solution. Depending on how your mediation goes, you could reach a conclusion that a court would have never thought to use.


Inside a courtroom, opposing parties will naturally feel at odds with each other, creating an uncomfortable feeling of contention. Mediation, on the other hand, encourages open communication that helps people speak openly yet respectfully. This stronger sense of communication will allow for more possible options to be explored than if litigation was used.

When To Consider Mediation to Conclude Your Case

When you are feeling backed into a corner due to a legal dispute that needs a conclusion and quickly, do not overlook mediation. Our skilled Summerville mediators are here to help you mediate a variety of case types. In fact, our certified mediators focus on the three case types the average person will ever encounter.

Let us know if you want to use mediation for your case or legal conflict involving:

  • Probate: Disrupting the distribution of a loved one’s assets after they pass away can be frustrating to some and a financial burden to others who are depending on an inheritance. Dragging a case to probate court will only slow things down even further. Use mediation to resolve probate conflicts among interested parties to find a solution sooner than later and with less stress.
  • Civil claims: Did you know that you can resolve a civil claim like a personal injury claim without fighting things out in court? With mediation steered by our certified mediators, it is possible. Defendants and the insurance companies representing them often prefer mediation because it keeps things confidential and gives them some control over how much money they will pay to the plaintiff in a settlement.

Get Answers to All Your Mediation Questions

We are sure you still have questions about the mediation process, and our team of Summerville mediators would gladly take the time to sit with you to give you answers. With our guidance and insight, we can determine if mediation is the right choice for your probate or civil law claim.

While mediation has its benefits, it is not always perfect for all cases. It is our goal to conclude your case in the way that best protects and upholds your interests.

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